Taking the Plunge with Children

Anyone who’s divorced knows that going down the aisle a second time brings scary thoughts.
We have thankfully worked those things out before coming to this decision. It was necessary to know we were a) sure and b) not afraid. We have both been married before and
Marriage for me the second time around seems so much different than the first.
For one, I am older. I will be 38 when I marry Ryan, and my children will be there! Lol.
I think getting married will be fun with children.
Dee  -dee - de - deeeeeee ….. Dee-  dee – de- deeeeeee…….is all I’ve been hearing for a while now!

The kids get so excited  when we talk about it. They want us to become a family officially.
So, for the second time around, and with three kids in tow, does anyone have any ceremony ideas that involve children during vows?
How about fun and easy reception ideas!?
Taking suggestions! From those who've gone down this isle before!

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