Take Your Family to the Library

This week is National Library Week (April 10th - 16th)

If your children do not have library cards, make it a point to get them one.

As a child of divorce, my refuge was the library and a book.
As an only child and a newlywed, my education on relationships came from books.
As an expectant mother, my knowledge on what to eat, what to expect and how to care for a newborn came from books.
As a divorcee, my support, my personal growth and my clarity, came from many books.

A child can learn anything from the library; and often times it's much better quality than what they learn on-line or on T.V.

My children have all visited libraries regularly since they were able to walk.

They would toddle around and pick their own books out.

They received their first library cards once they could sign their own name.

This library is so great  and unfortunately the Internet steals away the value of it...masking it with simplicity of sliding a mouse or just clicking a button.

This week, turn off the T.V., tell the children that the wii is on vacation, give the computer a hiatus and read a book.

You will be surprised at what they choose to read, learn and share.

'Reading is so important. It teaches kids to be analytical thinkers. If we turn our kids off from the very beginning, we're going to lose that.' - Jon Scieszka

 'If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.'- Marcus Tullius Cicero


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