A Note From Dory

No, not Dora...Dory.

You know the one I mean...
...the very forgetful blue and yellow fish in the Pixar movie, Nemo?

Dory spends almost the entire movie helping Nemo's father search for Nemo, then she is alone and runs into Nemo and begins helping him find his father.

It's a cute movie, and as much as Dory annoys Nemo's dad through it all, she is so funny and upbeat.

As a parent, I find myself (and I know you do too) quoting lines from kids movies.

I have a Dory sticker pinned to the visor in my car. I got it when we were at the pediatrician's office this winter (one of the many visits...and I know that the stickers are supposed to just be for the kids but my son insisted I have one too...;)

I pinned Dory next to my Superman sticker (another sticker and story for a different blog post)...

I Dory there to remind me that in a day and age where things often seem so topsy-turvy, can be kind of scary at times, and occasionally can feel downright feel gloomy....it's wonderful that I can go back to a simple line in a children's movie, and see that life's choices can be put into perspective...

'Just keep swimming.'

Because what do we do?

We swim, swim, swim.



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