Out with the Old, In with the New

Our family has a tradition.

Every Friday night we have Movie Night. It comes complete with popcorn and ice cream and we look forward to it every week.

I wanted a video tonight and couldn’t find the one I wanted. 

Have you noticed how many video stores have gone out of business in the last year?

Seems that all of the Blockbuster’s have either went out of business or are on their way out.

I admit that I’m a frequenter of Redbox and  I do also hold a Netflix membership…

And…. I admit that I may partially be responsible for the demise of the video-store-crash….

But truthfully…Boy do I miss my local Blockbuster.

This is how I first became a Blockbuster traitor…

I had tried Netflix because I was tired of hauling the kids into the video store every Friday for our movie of the week to spend big fees for a movie I didn’t know if we would like, IF we even got the movie we were looking for.

I then began enjoying Netflix for the simpler and more successful way of selecting movies. I could get classics as well as new movies, read reviews and get selections picked specifically for my tastes… and for the convenience of not having to go anywhere to do it, it was worth the money ($17.99 a month).

Netflix was delivered to my door usually with a three day turnaround and I had the option of 1-4 videos of my choice out at a time, which I almost always knew I would enjoy watching (considering the reviews and details of the movie were available to me online).

Though, the drawback is that I have to be organized to use the system.

I have to spend time in advance picking out the movies I want. I pick them out and then put them in my Que. Once Netflix receives my recently returned movie, (if I remember to mail it out right away) I then get the next movie in my Que shipped to me.

So, if I forget to set up the Que and/or miscalculate an upcoming holiday (Netflix is delivered by us mail) you will be out of luck for a movie on movie night (which has happened to us before).

Now for the Redbox Review: it also has a couple of its own drawbacks. Having to stand in line and wait at the busy grocery store (sometimes with kids-like I do) as you would in the movie store, hoping they have something you want to see, and praying you haven’t missed the most popular movies before they are taken…

Video store renting worked for me better sometimes.

I used each of them in different ways.

But….it is sad when the majority decides what stays and what goes…

I get it. It’s business,and I understand Blockbuster cannot stay open if they aren’t making any money.

So, just like old-fashioned film for your old-fashioned camera…video stores are becoming extinct.
And although I always prefer film over my digital…it’s just not that easy to get.

Exit Blockbuster and old cameras...

Enter Red box, Netflix and digital.


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