Green Punch Buggy....!!!!

Green Punch Buggy...No Punch Back!
As I was writing this blog post, my son came to me showing off his Lego creation.

And don't you know I got hit at least five times since on my computer screen was displaying at least five different punch buggies, of five different colors thanks to Google Images.

(Bad timing I'm thinking...)

How can we possibly have world peace with these silly cars in the world!? ;)

Don't the owners of these cute-but-obnoxious-cars understand that driving these things around town promotes violence!? ;)


The original purpose of this blog was to ask parents everywhere this question:

Do you find yourself saying 'PUNCH BUGGY *BLANK-COLOR*!'  to yourself, even when the kids are not in the car???

I do!

Isn't it funny how those games we used to play as a child are still around?
I bet our parents say the same thing....


P.S. I got hit at least ten more times, since as my son stood beside me while I wrote this, the Green VW above never left the screen...(insert eye roll with a smile). I should've waited until they went to bed to write this; thank goodness he was gentle...


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