A Quote From Jackie Kennedy on Parenting Success

I don't know about you, but I have two children that just cannot find much the time to get along.
Some how or another there is always an issue.(They have improved slightly with age, but not much.)

So when I see them getting along and being kind to one another, I jump for joy and try to savor the moment.

But at the same time I wonder why they can't always get along.

They are a boy and a girl and are two and a half years apart.
If they were both girls I'd be able to understand the rivalry...but they aren't.

I suppose I have to chalk it up to them being so close in age and having to compete for Mom's attention as well as their need to assert themselves for that infamous pecking order that goes on amongst siblings.

Regardless, I always do my best to teach them to respect one another. 
And oh my is it exhausting sometimes!!! 

But in the end, I just know that if I successfully get them to accept and love each other for who they are, their lives will be better and they will have a wonderful relationship and a life long friendship!

So there are days like this, when I am able to get them to pose together under a tree hugging, is when I truly feel like I am getting somewhere:)

If I've raised my children to love each other not judge each other, I've succeeded- Jackie Kennedy


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