In The Eyes Of A Child

My 9 yr old with her class pet Elvis.

Work has our attention, media has our attention, and when we’re driving...the road has our attention.

Between work, family needs, friends, school functions, personal groups of interest, the internet, cell phones, and TV…we always seem to be busy...
And it’s nearly impossible to find a few moments for ourselves...
Let alone our kids.
How many times, either recently or when your child was little, have they cupped both of their hands on each side of your cheeks and turned you towards them so that they can see your eyes?

Kids don't always have really important, or interesting, things to say. But they still want you to listen.

When you give kids eye contact, they know you are paying attention.
It surely can be a struggle for balance between being a busy parent and focusing on our children. And ironically, kids always seem to want to talk to us when we're busy. We often use common replies like: 'uh huh....yep...sure....okay honey....yes...remind me later' without ever once looking up.

We shoot off half answers, because we are only half listening.

And they know it.

They are no different than adults...when you look at me with your eyes, I know you are hearing me.

They want eye contact....just like you want from them when you are scolding them or teaching them something new.

With so many things to occupy our time, eye contact seems rare these days...

But, it is something that makes a person feel special, at any age.

Whether they be blue, green, brown, hazel, gray....etc...

Make it a habit to stop long enough so you will see those beautiful angel-eyes of your child.
It will tell them that they are the most important thing in your life...


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