Priceless Family Photos...

Because you hope that they did not PAY for them!

It's Fun Friday! And last Friday on Divorce Dazed, I posted some engagement photos gone wrong...Sure to bring laughs to all readers...

I just had to find some family photos gone-equally-wrong.

Check these out and you will not have to fret about your holiday photos from the year when no one co-operated (like mine).

The first one is shocking, but after that one be sure to scroll all the way down to the Christmas Photo (look closely at the present on the floor).

Don't they just remind you of the good ole days?

And this one: Well, photos can also be evidence...unbeknownst to these women they were photographed glaring at each other...
Photos can be a blessing in years to come, but oddly enough, they can also be something we want to bury deep in the archives....

Love it when my kids look at old pictures and then do a double take...then stare at me for a moment and say, 'Oh, Mom! You're HAIR!' (Complete with scrunched up noses and weird looks.)

'Thanks kids, Mom loves you too.'


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