I Bought the World's Most Fun Planner!!!

The other day, as I was putting all of the families obligations on our wall calendar, I was thinking how my little itty bitty pocket planner I bought from Staples last year was simply not going to cut it this year.

With volunteer projects, Vet appointments for our sick cats, PTO meetings/events, kids sports schedules, National Jr. Honor Society events and service hours, writer's meetings, writing assignments and my own life, basically, I was going to need a much bigger planner; one that might lend enough room for everyone's activities, not just mine, in these tiny little 1" x 1" blocks (considering my big, sloppy, handwriting doesn't fit in them).

Some of you might remember the little board books for babies and toddlers that had titles like 'Moo Baa La La La', or 'But Not the Hippopotamus', and 'Horns to Toes'. These books are by Sandra Boynton and they are the cutest books! Kids love 'em and so do parents! I used to read them to all of my kids when they were small and they would often request them and then make the sounds along with me and try to read the story too.

So, I was at Jo-Ann Fabric today getting some stuff I've never heard of so that I could save one of my teenage daughter's screen print T's.  (Long story short: shirt's too small, image on shirt still cool, will cut out and reapply on new shirt.)

And there it was...ahhhhhhhhhh......
Big and Bright Yellow (well not huge big, just 6 1/2" x 8 1/4" big) and with the same characters on it as the books by Sandra Boynton. It was CUTE! And surprisingly it looked useful!

For Busy Mom's this calendar rocks!
It's 17 months long and has columns on ever day both for Mom and for family. AND it's FUN, because it even comes with stickers!! (Come on, who doesn't like stickers!?)

I don't usually like any product that is titled 'Mom's'....because they usually turn out to be boring or useless. Somehow people (probably non-parents) create items for mom's that just never seem to do the job we actually need them to...It's very discouraging.

But never fear! The World's Most Fun Planner is Here!

Check out Mom's Family Desk Planner!

My absolute favorite thing besides it's usefulness and illustrations is the stack of tear out lists in the back that are blank and ready to use for to-do lists and grocery shopping.

Each with this quote at the top:

'Things I Must Do IMMEDIATELY'.
1. find this list

(Finally, someone really gets my life as a busy mom ;)

Thank you Sandra Boynton for your books and now your planner and thank you Workman Publishing for helping her put it together! This planner is a keeper. 

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