I Wore White Last Wednesday

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I know Labor Day has passed and white really isn't a fall color, but last week I chose to join my children in International Peace Day, and their schools asked everyone to wear white.

I recall their step-dad mentioning something about the saying, 'Don't wear white after Labor Day'.

I'm not even sure that this is really a fashion faux pax anymore, since it seems each year so many new rules are made that delete old ones, but I know this, my kids were more than happy to be a part of the movement and very satisfied that Mommy joined them.

They knew what the day stood for and they felt good to be part of it.

So, last Wednesday we all wore white (and khakis, since some of us did not have white pants) and we were proud of it!

That morning I walked into work and I did get a raised eye brow or two over being dressed so summery on a mid-September day, and I felt a little awkward too at first, but I decided it didn't matter.

I did it for my kids, I did it for our school and I did it for the world!

How often do you participate in the things your child celebrates and supports? As a grown up do you find it hard to get into the mindset and join them?  In the past did you used to refuse the color coded days, etc., then over time give in? What changed your mind?

-Thanks for sharing:)



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