D-N-D... It's Date Night This Week

I am both excited, and sad, to say...

Please Do Not Disturb...We are on our honeymoon.

Not a very long one and not a very extravagant one, but it's time alone, none the less.

I suppose parents are allowed to get away. I'm just not sure how to do it very well.

Raising three kids for the last fourteen years, I've spent very little time away from them. And when I do, I feel dreadfully guilty.

I am surely being tested this time around, because my two youngest children brought home papers for field trips...asking me to chaperone...although, it's the dates of my honeymoon.(I almost cried, then I almost canceled the mommy/daddy time...Sshhhh...don't tell the groom, I don't think he'd be very happy.)

After talking with some friends I realized I couldn't allow the motherly-guilt to ruin our special time together. I learned from my first marriage...(because I had never spent extra alone-time with my spouse back then)...dates for mom and dad are just as important as time with the kids, and must be scheduled.

So, even though the kids will be going on fieldtrips, and I will feel guilty, my friends tell me 'there will be more fieldtrips that I'll go on and some that I already have ... but there won't be another honeymoom, so enjoy it'.

I am, and I will, but I know even though my husband and I will be away on a honeymoom,  it won't be much different than any other date we've been on...

I bet we won't be able to go 20 minutes without talking about the kids.

It happens every time.

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