Time for Halloween Costumes!

If you do Halloween than you might be wondering what you should dress your little one as this year. Or you might be wondering what your older kids will  pickout.

Halloween happens to be one of my favorite holidays because we can all be kids and dress up! (Personally I hate the candy factor, but the fun is dressing up and pretending to be anything you want!)

I have found what I think to be some of the best Halloween costume choices and websites.

If you have an infant check these out! I love every single one of them! OMG! They are all so cute I just can't pick just one!!!

Have a toddler? These are CUTE! And appropriate! I think I love Alice in Wonderland the best!

If you have an elementary age boy  check these out! (Green Goblin's my fav!)
Elementary age girls check these out! (Totally luvin' the 50's pink!)

Don't skip out Mom or Dad's!! Here's some ideas for you too:
Many items can be borrowed, rented or made.
Costume Supercenter.com is ess expensive than most places for the initial costume base

These were my kids last year:

A Transformer, An Evil Doctor and a Wizard (You can't see my teen's sparkly hand made cape, but we had fun making her awesome costume and accessories!) I didn't dress up last year, but before that I was Bat Girl! I've been a bumble bee, and a cowgirl!

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