20 Things To Do In Between Taxi Stops

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When our kids are involved in programs they most likely need rides to and from those scheduled events. This usually leaves us rushing around place to place...

....Just so that we can sit and wait.

We wait.... to drop off the first child
We wait.... to pick up the next child
 and ...
We wait to leave the house to pick up the first child...
and so on and so on....

This can:
A) Get kind of boring sometimes.
B) Get on our nerves because we always feel like we aren't accomplishing things we need to do.

But with these 20 tips you might not mind being your child's proverbial taxi:
  1. Get yourself a novel, keep it in the car and bring it with you everywhere and read it while you 'wait'
  2. Schedule doctor and dentists appointments
  3. Catch up with a friend via phone, email or in person
  4. Read Twitter or catch up on Facebook
  5. Delete old pictures, email or text messages on your phone to free up space and make it quicker
  6. Make your grocery list (oh heck, maybe just go grocery shopping and get it over with)
  7. Have one-on-one time with your other child or children
  8. Go on a date with your spouse
  9. Meet a friend for coffee
  10. Get audio books from the library; save gas by staying in the parking lot listening to it
  11. Go to the gym
  12. Google new recipes (because we could all use new ideas for dinner)
  13. Write upcoming early-release notes and/or transportation changes for your children's teachers
  14. Write out lunch money checks
  15. Make a To-Do List
  16. Cut out coupons
  17. Clean out the car
  18. Purge the filing cabinet
  19. Empty the junk drawer
  20. Take a nap (but don't forget to set your alarm!)
What do you do in between Taxi Stops?

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A note: Obviously when your child is involved in an activity which allows you to stay and watch, it's best to do that. It's a fact that kids benefit more and feel much more loved when you hang out and view their games or performances. In the spring we are back-to-back  every week with sports, but this blog was spurred by the fact that they are all involved in those indoor winter activities and meetings like chorus, art club, etc., which do not allow spectators.  Thanks for reading! Don't forget to share!

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