Sick Days

You never wish for your child to be sick....but I do occasionally wish for a sick-day so that I don't have to go to work, and can relax and get caught up on some things at home.

So, to my  excitement (sort of) a bought of high fevers went through our house recently, and two of my three kids got it.

The night the first one came down sick, I thought to myself, 'I'm sad she's sick, but so happy for a day off from work! Now I can get some things done around here..'

Not sure what I was thinking with that....

Cooking, cleaning, administering meds and sanitizing everything like crazy to avoid germ-spreading. Add keeping my child company because she was bored....there was absolutely no-thing getting done around here.

Luckily, everyone is feeling better now! So it 's back to work!!!

Thank goodness!

...It's too much more work staying home!!!

A great children's book is: Usborne Books' 'Going to the Doctor'
(See mom at the end of the book!)

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