The Best Gifts for Kids

Holiday shopping is just around the corner and it seems every year we are trying to find that perfect gift for our children.

Because maybe the gift giving dilemma could be putting a damper on things for you this time of year

Below, you'll also find resources to help you make this holiday season a snap. 

I've listed links to help with  Hanukkah gift giving.
I have offered you some of my favorite gifts I like to give kids and places to go for some of these them as well as a few interesting links to check out.

Let's start with my 1st favorite gift : 
"I truly believe that they are the best toys for kids."
  1. There can be lessons in books that can teach children (i.e., Bernstein Bears, Little Crittter, Arthur)
  2. They are perfect for any age
  3. Giving kids books as gifts can help them develop a love for reading and help them practice the skills they need for schoolwork, rationale, problem solving, critical thinking and more
  4. A book can open up communication
  5. Reading a book is a priceless way to bond (share your own stories from childhood or your favorite books)
  6. Books encourage kids to think, ask questions and use their imaginations
  7. Books foster interaction with children when they cannot read to themselves; and when they hear your voice, feel your warmth/touch, get eye contact, see you in different characters and voices, you are bonding with them
  8. Stopping something you are doing to spend time reading a book to them tells them they are important
  9. Reading to a child calms them down, gets their attention and makes them feel special.

Here are some of my favorite places to buy books:

1. Yesterday's - Find old classics cheap.

2. Usborne Books at (I've been using them since my kids were little and they even have teen books and many are perfect for home schoolers! Email Cheryl Simon at (Read her story).
3. is always a great place for books as well, because without having to purchase them yet, you can read reviews from readers as well as find other similar book suggestions!

Here are some of my other favorite gifts for the ages listed:

Infants, Toddlers, Pre-Schoolers, 5 + :
Discovery Toys! 
They have always been a favorite of mine. I've consistently been pleased with the types of toys they invent. The items are perfect for maturing minds. Both entertaining and educational and have lasted through my last child who is seven years old!
My favorites Discovery Toy items are:
Super Yummy Teether (replaced an old favorite Tangiball)
Measuring Cups
Peg Board
-and because the tub is an awesome place for imaginative play: Playful Bath Shapes
For Older Kids, still Discovery Toys has some awesome finds!

Tricky Fingers: Family Fun (ages 7 years and forever) Thinking Skills, Motor Skills, Math
Friendship Island: Family Fun (5 years and forever). Exploration, Thinking Skills, Reading & Language
You can click here to view all of the current Discovery Toys and contact Tony Pfeiffer to inquire or order and click here to read his story.

Elementary Ages Preschool + : 
Craft Supplies!
What kid doesn't like art? All children, even teens, love to create things!
Fill a big bucket/bowl/backpack or tote bag with craft stuff! Walmart and the Dollar Stores are great for these types of things. If you have a budding artist, go to an art supply store and buy him/her a couple of new art things that they might be able to experiment with, like pastels, watercolors, or clay. For younger kids stick to The Basics: Scissors, markers, crayons, pipe cleaners (a winner in our house), paper, stencils, stickers, string, paper plates-to cut and color, paints, hole punch, etc. (We have a daughter who loves to paint on clothes so we will pick up inexpensive t-shirts at the craft store or Dollar Store that she can paint on and wear.)

Christmas and Birthdays might seem simple, but for some it's Hanukkah which poses a challenge regarding gift giving because they are not familiar enough with this holiday. If this is the case, relax and check out these links:

Happy Shopping and Happy Wrapping!

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