A Quick Follow Up on My Recent Post 'A Twist on Christmas Giving'

The other day I posted about some friends of mine who were going through a tough time with their teen. who is very lost, and sad, and had attempted to harm herself.

I mentioned that my children and I felt terrible that she was feeling this way and we wanted to send her something to help her feel better.

And although it was Christmas, we chose to send a different type of gift and we hoped that it would be enough to help lift her spirits.

I am pleased to report that not only did  our gift on Christmas Eve cheer her up, but it's been reported to me by her parents, that she is more energetic, bubbly and talkative, since receiving it.

This made my family very happy.

It's not abnormal for kids to feel alone. Parents are busy, siblings can be less than compassionate and the child who's hurting can become ultra critical of themselves (teens especially).

Its at the holidays when kids can feel even less special, because regardless of how many gifts they get, the busyness of the season can leave them feeling passed over attention and time wise.

Take some time to reach out to a child this week....it could be all they need to help turn their hopelessness into happiness.

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