Happy Birthday Family Matters & Top 5 Most Read Posts for 2011!


Having a child is the most amazing gift, but it's not always fun, and actually comes with some hefty sacrifices and struggles.

I started this blog a year ago this week, and have shared the good, bad, ugly and funny, all with the hopes that you won't feel alone on your parenting journey.

I learned how to parent the unconventional way; with common sense and a book. I grew up in a dysfunctional, and divorced, family. Then, at age 32, I became divorced myself.

I had no one to show me the ropes and have had every reason to fail at my job, but so far, my three children and I have done the best we can to figure out how this should work. We aren't perfect, but know we don't have to be. We have what matters: love, close bonds and faith, we show each other respect, patience and trust, so I think we're doing okay.

My wish is that on good days, you will visit Family Matters seeking a different point of view and new approaches to your family dilemmas. On bad days, I hope you can come here, read something which you can relate to, and leave enlightened.

I also hope that by sharing my ups and downs of family life with you, it will allow you to feel comfortable enough to do the same and that, even on the worst of days, you can look into your child's eyes and find solace.

To celebrate Family Matters' First Birthday, I improved the design of the blog and I hope that you like it! Also, Here are the Top 5 Most Read Family Matters with Amber Posts for 2011:






Enjoy, come back often, and don't be afraid to share.


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