"Tooth Fairy, You're Fired!"

It's ironic how often teeth were the topic of conversation in our house last week.

The first tooth:
At the dentist, my son prepares for his cleaning, the dentist begins the cleaning-stops-comes to get me in the waiting room-tells me my son's loose tooth must come out prior to the cleaning. I say, 'No problem' (until I realize I have to watch the whole thing). My son goes home with a tear stained face, a big tooth, a bigger hole in his gum and a clean mouth.


A fellow blogger leaves a comment on my blog post, telling me how she shared my Dr. Seuss post on her Dr. Seuss post. I go to her blog to check out my blog, and she has blogged about....

The Third Tooth:
It's Friday, and it's movie night in our house! On the line up, we have 'The Tooth Fairy' (and no, I'm not joking-this movie was pre-picked prior to the horror show at the dentist and the sister-Seuss-blogger-who had also blogged about the Tooth Fairy-both the real one- and the movie one).

Which leads me to...

The Last Tooth, but surely not the least tooth:
The same tooth which came out of my boy's mouth, I confiscated, now currently own, and the child is currently $5.00 richer (and the highest paid in the house for a tooth) because the Tooth Fairy clearly felt very bad for him...

So, why, you are wondering, should I fire The Tooth Fairy?

Because up until 
I read that blog post  (from the fellow family blogger) I thought I was the worst Tooth Fairy on the planet. I would not always remember, I would not always have money in the house...and I often felt guilty about it...(after three kids, you'd think I'd have my responsibilities down pat, but sadly The Tooth Fairy would often trudge off to bed and suddenly realize the err of her ways and wish she was a magician and not a fairy).

The moral of this story?

It's funny how
 a fellow blogger did to me, what I strive to do for others every day...

Let me know that I'm only human......and that it's not the end of the world

Looks like this Tooth Fairy got another chance.

(Thanks Charissa 'Joy in the Moments blog' for sharing.)

What makes you feel like a bad parent and how do you get over it?

By the way, my review on The Tooth Fairy movie is: it's safe for kids, funny, and a brilliant performance by Dwayne the Rock Johnson-once again!

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