Why Sleep Matters

In my March, Family Matters with Amber column, I talked about my recent need to address poor behavior at home. As a part of the punishment, I had begun to put my children to bed earlier than their scheduled bedtimes and coincidentally found instant improvement.

Call it coincidence?
I thought not.

So, I researched the internet for links between lack of sleep and childhood behavioral problems.

Figuring that all the parenting books I've read over the years, I wouldn't find much more than I already knew about kids' need for sleep.

But, I have to say I was actually quite surprised at the amount of information that's out there (and plenty I didn't know) about how lack of sleep can affect children.

I'd like to share it with you.

First, let's look at the signs.

Next let's see how much sleep our kids should be getting.

And, then let's find out how sleep deprivation can affect more than just mood (think...brain function).

Lastly, how are you sleeping mom and dad?
Read This if your most commonly mumbled phrase is: "I'll sleep when I'm dead".

For parents, it's so easy to substitute sleep for something else...there's no one there telling us to 'GO TO BED!', but, read this and rethink your own night owl habits and you might even enjoy parenting more if you start getting some shut-eye.

What do you put of sleep for?
How can you tell when you are sleep deprived?

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