Fun Friday: Fun Foods Parents Will Eat

The kids and I had off together on President's Day.

I wanted to do something fun for them at lunchtime so I dug into my kid cookbooks.

I found this recipe for 'Octo-Dogs' & Shells:
Just for Kids recipe by Favorite All Time Recipes 2000
Serves 4

4 hot dogs
1 1/2  cups uncooked small shell pasta (or Velveeta Mac n' Cheese shells)
1 1/2 cups frozen mixed vegetables (I used peas)
1 cup prepared Alfredo sauce (skip this ingredient if using Velveeta Mac)
Prepared Yellow Mustard in squeeze bottle
Goldfish crackers

-Lay hot dog on side with end facing you. Starting 1 inch from one end, slice vertically in half, Roll hot dog 1/4 turn and slice in half vertically again, making 4 segments connected at the top. Slice each segment in half vertically, creating a total of eight legs. Repeat with the rest of hot dogs.

-Place hot dogs in medium saucepan; cover with water. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat. Remove from heat; set aside.

-Prepare pasta according to package directions, stirring in vegetables during last 3 minutes of cook time. Drain; return to pan. Stir in Alfredo sauce. heat over low heat until heated through. Divide pasta mixture between four plates.

-Drain "octo-dogs". Arrange one octo-dog on top of pasta mixture on each plate. Draw faces on heads of octo-dogs with mustard.

-Sprinkle goldfish over pasta mixture.

(If using velvet: cook hot dogs while shells boil. When hot dogs are done, turn off, then add cheese to the shells when they're done. Microwave your frozen peas. Place completed shells on plate, sprinkle with peas, add octo-dogs to top of shells/peas, then sprinkle goldfish.)

It was easy, fun, delicious, and the kids all giggled when I served it! 
Even my husband loved it...and wished he was home with us to eat it!

What fun recipe does your family enjoy?

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