Quilt Show 2012

Stunning piece, looks so real. By a feature artist:
Cynthia England from Texas.

For my family and me, it's only our fourth, but, as my seven year old son says, 'It's awesome'!

From historical, family honoring, seasonal, contemporary and classic themes, to dolls on display and children's quilts, this is a super event for the whole family.

Quilting is something I have never done, though I see the work which goes into each piece, and am in complete awe at the talent and patience of each artist.

Please view my photo tour of our trip to the Quilt Show this past weekend...
Mind you, this is only a handful of what we saw there.



Unique and Origianl



Kids Scavenger Hunt
His Favorite...
My Favorite

Intriguing, full of imagination and color.

Still looking...

Her Favorite

A quilt made for a grandson, using some of his father's denim.

A unique one, and most likely my teens favorite because it's green.
This is her first year not attending because she was volunteering today at the Farmpark.
Have a
 Appreciate art!

Stop in and see the works on display at the Farmpark.
This event is going on until March 21st. 
Visit LMFP for hours and information.

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