MOMS That INSPIRE Pt IV - Diana, Princess of Wales (Video)

I remember exactly where I was on the day they announced that Diana, the Princess of Wales(video)  had passed.

I thought it was a joke...

"How could Diana be dead?"
"She's an amazing, fascinating, giving, loving woman...."

I might have only been in my early twenties when she died, but to me it was an obvious travesty; that the world we lived in had lost someone so impressive but yet had to deal with so much scrutiny.

In the end, she still went down in history as the amazingly passionate, empathetic, caring woman that she was.

As little girls, we would idolize her for her train, her royal wedding and her assumed happiness...
As women, we would respect her for her dedication to her childrenfor her hands on mothering, and her role in the world, despite all of the money, fame and royalty.

Rest in Peace Diana, and thank you for your service and love...

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