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What Is A Mother?- A Mother's Day Post By My Teen

What is a mother?
‘A mother is a woman who has a child and raises it to adulthood or until the child becomes mature and leaves its home.’
This is the conventional definition for a mother, but each person who has had a loving, affectionate mom will tell you that that definition doesn’t cut it. Here is the one that fits my mama the best:
‘A mother is someone who loves you and wants the world for you. She will teach you right from wrong, good from bad, and will show you the stepping stones in life. She will always be there for you, no matter what.’
Moms teach you lessons that last a lifetime. They will be with you no matter how many miles are between you, they will love you no matter what you do.
I wish that I could take back all the times I got mad at my mom for dumb little things, or the days I took her teachings for granted and got into big problems because of it.
I trust my mom 100%, because she is honest and kind, and even when I mess up, get myself dug into a really deep hole, or don’t do what I am told, she loves me, and that’s what really matters.
She will always be there, and I can hope that yours will be too.
My mom helps me through tough times and guides me through the darkness when I cannot find the light. And in order to tell her how much I love her (although no words can really describe it) I wrote this poem…
What is a mother? It’s hard to describe
The best person on Earth,
I’m ashamed just to try. She’s awesome, amazing, the real Wahoo!
She makes me smile and I make her, too.
A mother is perfect, no matter how strange,
A mother is wonderful, the best combination of brains
And wit, and skill, and don’t forget beauty,
So much that she has, it just overwhelms me!
What is a mother? Well, let me see…
A mother is someone who cares about me!
(If you don’t understand, just sit back and keep reading.)
Here is my definition of my own mama,
Although I worry it’s not an accurate diorama.
She loves to eat goldfish,
Peanut butter and fluff,
And watch Caillou, the Wiggles, Barney and stuff.
She knows every word from Despicable Me,
Can discipline the stripes off a bumblebee,
But I love her so much it’s hard to explain
Just how cool she is, so I must refrain
From saying everything…
But there’s more!
When I wake up, the first thing I want is a kiss,
Then what I want is a big hug… and some breakfast.
Moms make the best muffins,
No matter how burnt,
They make the best brownies…
I eat so many it hurts.
We’ve had better days, without yelling and such,
But that’s normal, you see,
There’s bound to be disagreement between you and me.
We’re not perfect, but you’re pretty close to it!
What is a mother? Well, I think you can see
Just what my mama means to me.
If you still can’t decide
How best to describe the most amazing woman you know,
Just take a deep breath.
Pick up the phone,
Sit down with a pencil, a pen or some keys,
Stare at the paper, the card or the screen,
And without even stressing over what to say
Just remember what I said here today:
Your mother will love you, through the thick and the thin,
The most that she hopes for is that you don’t take her for granted.
So when you are stuck
With nothing to say,
Just think back to this poem, list what makes your mommy the best,
And at the end, right before your name,
Remember to give your mama the best gift you can…
Remember to simply say…
I love you.
I wish you a very happy May, and I hope that you and your mom can have a close-knit relationship, the way it’s meant to be.
My mom is my best friend.
I love you, Mom.
Happy Mother’s Day.

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