Sexy-Teenage Social Media Pix

Just because school's out, does not mean teenagers are done socializing...

I found this picture on a social media site from an adult re-posting it; I think what it says is profound.

 I wish teenage girls could understand that there is a reason why
some of them will meet guys who are ready for sex...

Hadddd, haddd, hadddd to share. 

Teens taking sexy pictures of themselves and posting them on their social media sites as their profile picture, will never get them respectable boys (or respect for that matter).

So, in my opinion, they should stop complaining about what they're getting
and just stop what they're doing...
and see what they get instead.

The results will shock them, I'm sure.

How to help teens on the wrong track : 
From what I gather, there is no sure fire way to reprogram them, 
and talk to kids about what's good for them and what's not.

Other than that?
I think it's time, attention, 
open communication and model the same behavior you expect out of them.

Other resources of value:

How do you teach your teenager appropriate behavior and dress?
How do you explain to teens what a healthy, age appropriate relationship is?

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