The Best Book for Moms (and Dads) of Multiples

For years, I remember hearing my in laws and my grandparents say that their siblings was their parent's favorite child. It was obvious they were hurt by this, and I felt sad, that as children, they felt their mother, father (or both) loved one of their siblings more them (because I could not).

This is a book I bought my three children when they were little, to remind them.  It's called 'You're All My Favorites', by Sam McBratney, and is by the author of 'Guess How Much I Love You'. It's the best book for parent's of multiples.

It's about three little baby bear cubs whose parents are getting them ready for bed and tell each bear that they are special. The three bears have heard this before and tonight they wonder how it's possible they are each so special and loved so much, when they are so different from one another. (One frets she is a girl and not a boy like the others, another worries he is without spots so how could he compare to his sibling..)

A beautifully illustrated book (pictures are charming and kids love the poses the baby bears take on), this Mommy & Daddy bear make sure to let each baby bear know it doesn't matter what they look like, or how many other siblings they have, they've been Mommy and Daddy's favorite since the day they were born.

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