A Fun Way for Parents to Check Kids Grades

Silly Parents, 
Technology isnt just for kids

We know it's a busy world being parent. We also know it's important for us to stay connected with our children's teachers. But how can we be in so many places, and keep track of so many things, at one time???

For me, with multiple children in multiple schools, I just can't make it to every orientation, open house or parent teacher night....

Having the same problem?

Well, now a days there is a solution for this. It's Power School! This is a super fun and easy way to get connected with your childrens teachers, see their grades and know how they are doing.


This Fun Friday is ALL about the PARENTS!

If you are like me, it gets tough visiting the district website, then finding the child's grade, then finding the teacher...just to write an email to them to check up on them..

And the school/district website does not post whether or not your child handed in their homework (or the grade they got on it).

NOW- in just ONE online place you can see each of your child's classes, attendance, homework (which has been handed in OR NOT) and get the teacher's email address ALL with the click of a button!

If your school system is running any type of online software, USE IT! Don't be afraid of personal information, breach of privacy, etc. You divulge more of that using a check at the grocery store and allow more people access to your accounts and private information when using a debit card to make purchases on AMAZON.

If you're children attend WE School District, contact your teacher for your child's school appointed Username and Password and use this link to begin an account.

If you are part of another school system, talk with the principal or teachers to see if there is online software being use, if not, push for it's usage in schools.

Technology is evolving every day, don't get left behind...and don't allow your schools to either! This is a fun way for you to ...Get CONNECTED TO YOUR CHILD'S EDUCATION AND HELP THEM SUCCEED...WITHOUT EVEN LEAVING YOUR COMPUTER! (Now, admit it, that does sound fun!)

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