Fun Friday: A Fun Way to Teach Kids About Recycling

Want a Fun way to help save the Earth?

Be green by purchasing these awesome B2P Pens the next time you're out of ink!!
(No I do not get any kickbacks from this post - Pilot doesn't even know I'm blogging about them).

89% recycled content.
I love nice writing pens and I'm a big fan of doing my part to save the Earth,
So, these B2P pens are perfect!
I bought my first B2P pen a year ago and when it ran out recently, I was super sad.
Just the other day I replaced it!
These pens are gel rollers and are clear with blue tops which resemble one of these:

And, they should!
Because they are made from recycled plastic bottles!

I'm a fan of blue ink, but they also carry these in refillable red and black!

Buy one today and give it to your kids to share a Fun way to Recycle!

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