How Do You Feel About Classmates Emailing Birthday Invites?

Apparently, I've forgotten to RSVP to my son's classmate's birthday invitation....
 I received a 'Reminder'.

I'm sorry, 
I don't remember my 8 year old son having email...
So, how would he be able to receive a birthday e-invite?

This is apparently the newest thing:
Parents sending birthday invitations via email.

First off, how did this parent get my email?
(Did the teacher sell the list to parents without my knowledge?-I will be checking on that.)
Second, how personal is it to invite a kid to a party with an email to their parents..??
(I'm pretty sure my son doesn't even know the kid is having a party he was invited to, unless of course I let him know I got an email from the child's parents.)

So, the e-vite gives my son no tangible reminder of the party,
nothing to post on the fridge,
and no apparent theme to help him know what to get excited for.

I was so unimpressed that I treated the first one like spam 
(of course after I picked my jaw up from the floor) and hit delete.

This disturbed me so much I just had to look up juvenile birthday invitation etiquette 
(yes, yes, I did)

The first website at the top of Google search says this: "Even though e-vites, invitations by email, are becoming popular, you should make the effort to send invitations by mail. This is especially important if you are inviting kids whose parents you don't know very well."

My thoughts exactly. 
~Hence this post~

Did I mention, it's a 6 hour birthday party???


Makes you wonder...
Are we just a number?

I have technology too,
I'm a busy parent too,
I work too,
But, I still find time to have my kids get involved with writing out their invitations, 
mailing them (because for now-the mail is still running)
and I use the phone, and actually want to get to know my child's friends and their family.

How do you feel about e-vite invitations 
for children's birthdays?

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