Your Local Police Department's Facebook Page

In relation to Monday's Post on my blog about Police in Schools, here is another way which our local authorities are getting involved with the community (and our kids).

It's been cited that Facebook can be linked to so many crimes, but it seems the police feel that they can use it to fight crime and help keep people safer (and maybe even catch some of these perps).

Similar to the way many of us use Facebook to communicate, and often utilize it as a quick tool for updating others, sharing things and supporting friends, it's possible that it can be one of the best online tools for cops.

Visit your local Police Department Facebook Pages to see how Facebook can work as a tool in your neighborhood:

You can also see posts about happenings in your neighborhood
View video/photo's of robbery suspects
You can even private Facebook message the police department if you think you have a tip on a crime or possibly identifying someone.

Technology has come a long way...
and it's not just for Teens.

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