25 Things Parents Should Always Keep In the House

Several months back I published a post 
And while the list had nothing to do with the amount of cup holders or T.V.'s,  it's still an invaluable collection of items every family should have in their vehicle.

Today, in order of importance, I have listed the 
Top 25 Things Parents Should Always Keep In The House  

  1. Thermometer
  2. Children's Ibuprofen
  3. Benadryl (or age appropriate antihistamine)
  4. Charged Cell Phone (a cordless phone set on a landline is a good option to have for every floor of your home-cell phones are generally in the bedroom with adults but what if there were an emergency in another area of the home and the children could not get to you?)
  5. Flashlight with Good Batteries (check these every time you change smoke alarm batteries)
  6. Tissues
  7. 3 Cans of Chicken Noodle Soup
  8. Gingerale
  9. Ice Pops
  10. Jello that needs no refrigeration (think the old fashioned boxed kind nana used to make)
  11. New Toothbrushes in their packages (after illnesses you should throw them away-or wash)
  12. Carpet Cleaner (the spray kind-I like Woolite Oxy)
  13. Rags or Extra Clean Towels Stashed Away in a Cabinet or Closet (another trust me thing)
  14. Spray & Wash (for stains)
  15. Camera with Fresh Batteries
  16. Single Dollar Bills (Don't ask: I'll give you a hint though- Tooth Fairy can't show, if she doesn't have the dough.)
  17. Super Glue (trust me on this one)
  18. Generic wrapping paper (not gender or age specific)
  19. Scotch Tape
  20. Magic Eraser (you WILL need it)
  21. Powdered Creamer and Instant Coffee (if you are a coffee drinker you'll understand the potential emergency if you don't have coffee and creamer)
  22. Boxed Potatoes (too many reasons to list)
  23. Pencil Sharpener (if your children are school age, you know why-go electric, it's worth the $$)
  24. Erasers (LOTS of them, see #23)
  25. Dictionary (or electronic equivalent)
Some of the things on this list might be no-brainers for you. Some, might leave you scratching your head, asking questions. Just take it from me... mom of three, ages 15 - 8... girls and boys... 
There will come a time in your parenting life when you will need if not all, at least three quarters of what's here...and when you realize you need it, the timing will not be the greatest to go out to the store to shop for it.

Happy Stocking!

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