The Most Popular Christmas Songs (Past and Present)

I might have been born in the 70's, but I'm truly old fashioned when it comes to some things. I like to tuck my kids into bed at night and do bed time stories, I keep televisions out of their bedrooms and prefer to cook from scratch when possible.

Christmas music is something else I prefer from the past.

I was at dinner one night with my ex-husband (ten years ago while we were still married) and at the end of the dinner, the owner approached us to ask how our meal was. I not only complimented the meal, but also gushed over the music playing in the background. Before we were done paying our bill, there was a burned CD in my hands.
One of my favorits is: Christmas with Conniff by Ray Conniff.
That restaurant in Connecticut is no longer open...and it saddens me because I'd like to say thank you, again.

Blessed is the one who shares a book or music, because both are an artform and a part of history, which can bring both emotion and joy to so many people's lives. This CD is one of my favorites because it makes me think of history. Back before I was even born, when my grandparents were celebrating holidays with my father and his siblings.

Listen to a song or two from the past and find a moment to imagine what life must've been like back then and say 'thanks' to those who lived before you.

For a list of some of the Best Traditional Christmas Songs of all time click here.

For those of you who want to know What's New for 2012 Holiday Songs which have become popular... To listen to some of these, click here.

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