Movie Review: Julie and Julia

Our family movie night is every Friday, so I usually save my mommy-movies for after the kids go to bed. Recently I took some Mommy time to watch Julie & Julia.

I loved this movie. If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend it. Especially if you blog, read blogs, cook, like chic-flicks, like wine (everyone in this movie has a glass at one point or another) OR if you've ever had big dreams and wondered what the meaning of life is and what you really need to be happy.

The main character(s) in this movie are desperately trying to figure all of that out and occasionally fail at their endeavors but succeed in making a mess of things (and themselves) in the process.

Heartwarming, funny, difficult, thought provoking and real... check it out and if you enjoy wine, you might want to grab some to go with it- I recommend red (somewhat new to reds, my favorite would be a Pinot noir or a Shiraz)...oh and maybe just maybe, you'll want to include a box of tissues.

Want to check out some of the recipes from Julie & Julia?

And the cook book full of these recipes?

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