My Heart Goes Out to Newtown CT

My heart goes out to the families and children, teachers and authorities in Newtown, Connecticut, where children and adults were terrorized at an Elementary school (unconfirmed number of lives lost).

I am from Connecticut but did not know anyone involved.

Go home today and hug your child for longer, tell them you love them. Explain to them that their school lock downs are no joke (teachers take note as well). These drills are used in hopes to help us save as many lives as possible during an episode such as this one. If you pray, please pray for these families and for better solutions to these problems.

No matter where this sort of thing happens, the question is always 'why'.

And the pain is always very deep with ripple effects reaching out into the community...and the world.

Recent Video from CNN shows a third grader (same age as my son) describe what she experienced:

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