Fun Friday: My Amazon Reviews

photo Shopping Woman Carrying Shopping Bags courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at

I might have mentioned that before...
Unless of course it's for shoes, then I'm okay with it-
 (as long as I can find my size...I have small feet-ugh).

ANYWAYS, occasionally I do Amazon shopping since it's easier than going to the stores.

Christmas is generally my favorite time to use to shop, but my second favorite reason is I use it for buying (or reviewing) books before I buy them.

I'm not going to spend all day plugging Amazon because I'm pretty sure they do just fine on their own, but I will say this, that just like Netflix, I love having products suggested to me per my likes/dislikes and purchases, and I also appreciate reading reviews on products from others.

So, here are a few reviews I have out there on Amazon (none on shoes sorry)

As I have the time, I will enter a few reviews each month and post them on the Family Matters for you to check out... if I run out maybe you'll just have to share yours!

Have a Fun Friday!

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