Fun Friday: What Dads Can Do While Mom is Shopping!

If you are going to be taking your spouse shopping for Mother's Day, you might be looking for something to do (or maybe just feeling a little left out). No worries, I gotcha covered!

While the top one on this list might be difficult to acquire by Sunday, I think it's the best!
Daimler Chrysler Electric Car with a Fun Feature!
Check it out!
Ok, so that one might have been a dream that won't be fulfilled anytime soon.
In the meantime, are some things you can do while the Mrs. uses up her gift cards:

  1. Browse the tool section (make a list of things you want for Christmas, email it to her LATER)
  2. Check out one of the 15 MLB games scheduled
  3. Review the 9 Best Apps for Men by Men's Health (hint-you may need one for the last idea)
  4. Or if those aren't your thing, check out these 19 Super-Fun Free Apps for Dads
  5. Speed Enthusiasts: Sorry. No Nascar race today (yep, probably fixed) but you could check in on your favorite driver, review the Speed.TV schedule for the day or watch some videos
  6. Football Fans get ready with some College FB News / NFL  Updates
  7. Need a laugh or a shock? Check out 
Hopefully these will keep you busy and remember to keep a smile on your face for her, because when Mommy's not happy, no one's happy.

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