I Like to Throw Things in the Kitchen

It's true, I do!

But it's definitely not why you think. 

I don't throw things in the kitchen out of anger.... I do it for FUN!

We're a family who works hard. Every day we're serious about our routines and responsibilities. So when we have down time (even if it's in the kitchen while Mom's making dinner) I mix it up a bit by throwing things.

Now, most of you moms are probably cringing right now. The golden rule when we were kids was "Don't throw things in the house". But I get bored just like kids can. Besides, life is too short to be serious ALL the time!

Here are some items I like to throw in the kitchen:

  • Peas (yes, I've been known to start food fights)
  • Loaf of bread
  • Crumpled up napkins/paper towels (this is a good one if you want to start out small -and soft)
  • The mayonnaise (Why not? It's in a plastic container and my kids are good catchers- wouldn't try it with the ketchup though.)

  • Bag of pretzels
  • Mustard
  • Books
  • Pens/Pencils (okay, I can see how this might be a bit risky)
  • Plastic cups
  • Boxes of tissues

A list of things I throw in other areas of the house:

  • The football (I just can't help myself)

Amount of things we've knocked over due to this practice:

  • Too many to list

Amount of items broken:

  • 0 (I don't have nick knacks- that might be part of the reason-most things are pretty durable)
Amount of FUN had by all:


Happy Friday and I hope you find 
some new ways to have fun with your kids today!

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