What My Mother's Day Looked Like (Video)

I hope that you took some time for yourself to rejuvenate this Mother's Day.
I did, and this is what mine looked like:

Each Mother's Day I have a few things which are routine- I try to plant flowers, spend the day with my kids and scrapbook. What made this Mother's Day unique was that my sweet children worked very hard to add lot's more wonderful elements into the day. It was one of the best Mother's Days. I actually sat down and watched TV for the first time since the Superbowl...

(Album made with My Memories Suite digital scrapbooking software- try it- go to the Family Matters with Amber home page and click on the coupon link to get $10.00 off! These pages were made today, they are super simple, very basic. I love the program because it's easy and has many more options I haven't even tried yet- it's all customizable!)

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