Reblogged Post from A Blog I Follow : Morning Stress-Getting Ready for School

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I follow this blog, The Parker Five.

It's very moving. I found it while searching Wordpress for some great parenting blogs to share with you. While I've been following The Parker Five for a few months now, it's mostly because the author (mom of a Sandy Hook Elementary School victim) writes about parenting, not just her grief.

Parents need support, no matter what the topic, and this blog post is about the usual stress of getting ready for school. What I appreciated Alissa Parker sharing, was the normal day to day aggravation of getting kids ready for school, and that she realized it wasn't good for anyone and wanted to cut down on the morning stress and try to relax more...

Please read this post to find out Alissa's thoughts and feelings on the a.m. stress, how she handles it, and additionally, how she copes with starting a new school year without Emilie while being strong for her two surviving daughters.

Alissa's post  will inspire you. 

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