If You've Ever Loved and Lost: Read this blog entry from a Sandy Hook mother

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My kids asked me if I posted anything in remembrance of Sandy Hook this week. I told them that the families and the town's people in Connecticut asked for privacy, peace, to be left alone and instead for people to do random acts of kindness in their own communities.

This morning, while reading my blog roll, I was catching up on some recent posts. In that list was a few from the Parker Five. I originally found the blog while I was researching some parenting tips and relevant blogs to share. Believe it or not, I was not searching the subjects of school shootings or tragedies to get this blog to pop up…just 'parenting'. That's because she writes not just about the death of her daughter and that is exactly why it's one of the reasons I enjoy reading it. She has great advice on parenting and life in general.

I am both sad and happy I found it….

There are no words, as a mother myself, that can convey how I feel when I read this mom's blog, but I appreciate that she can find the strength to share her moments during, what would seem to me, an impossible journey.

While I feel good that I respected their wishes and didn't write about Sandy Hook on the anniversary of their suffering (and even though I just posted a new message of my own last night), I still have a job to do as the author of Family Matters and it's to share important messages with everyone… and this post comes from this woman's heart and explains why Sandy Hook doesn't want the attention and reminds us why it's important to find peace after something so horrible.

This post is the other reason why I like reading the Parker Five's writing… they are sharing with us how to survive after a loss as large as losing a child…but also teaching us important lessons about life at the same time.

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