What Do You Think About Sending Kids to School In Today's Bad Weather?

While it's always our own decision whether or not to send our children to school in bad weather, these comments might have you thinking there's just way more to it than what it seems. It's not that easy a choice sometimes-

Do you agree with my thought today? School should have been canceled...

Does a situation like this one frighten you?
It does me, and my kids weren't even in this bus. (Truthfully I was praying something like this wouldn't happen as I drove one of my children to school this morning- I love snow, especially driving in it- but not today- it just was not one of those days to be on the road.)

Do you feel like I do? Sometimes there's just too much bureaucratic red tape to allow good common sense and logic to kick in...

No child, bus driver, or parent should have to deal with this, and I even feel some sympathy for the superintendent who had to do the best he had with what he's got: for now... we're  all out of snow days folks....

Though, this is not a good enough excuse to make this incident go over well-so what are we gonna do about it?
Just wait- I suppose... for someone to tell us from above, whether it's okay to have more excused snow days--- I guess... 

Because today-that is precisely what we did.


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