What to Give Up For Lent...(If Anything)

Many people I know observe Lent.
But there are also plenty of people who don't.

If you're not a religious kind of person, you might wonder, 'what's the point?'.

Here's a little about why we do it:
1. We appreciate the sacrifice made for us
2. We don't think we are above needing salvation
3. We know we could always improve who we are
4. It feels good

Okay, maybe that last one is not 100% true for us in the beginning of Lent, and probably the entire 40 days the year I gave up chocolate, but in the end, if you believe #1 and #2, Lent is for you.

And believe it or not, there are ways to practice this 40 day event without suffering too greatly, and which can add to your family happiness.

Here's what we are giving up this Lent:

Me: Swearing (okay, don't judge me- my son describes it as 'Mommy let's it slip sometimes' and his idea of cussing is "stupid". Isn't he sweet? Eh hem, and forgiving, I might add. He definitely would never ever want to be in the car with me when I see ------ people ------- drive…) This should be a good 40 days for me.

My Teen: Mayonnaise (if you knew how often and on how many things she uses it, it's a sacrifice)

My Middle Schooler: She's got plenty to choose from but is still at a loss (stay tuned)

My Son: Legos (Again? Can he do that? I don't know, but I applaud his effort because it's sacrifice for sure)

Did you now that sometimes shutting off the T.V. and hanging out with your family can be considered for Lent? Me neither! So, check these links out for a better understanding and some ideas:

Lent for Kids (How to understand it so you can explain it and enjoy it)
100 Things to Do for Lent
What is Lent?

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