Books for Kids: No Time For Mother's Day

In the light of our busy lives, kids are not always oblivious to our needs…...

No Time for Mother's Day, by Laurie Halse Anderson, is a cute little book about a girl named Charity, who is very bus and when Mother's Day comes around she just doesn't know what to get her mother.

Aside from Charity learning that gifts do not have to be big, or store bought, we also earn about how how we shouldn't compare ourselves or our efforts to anyone else.

This book is great for children Pre-K through about eight years old. It's perfect for the beginning reader because the pictures are large and animated, and the text is short.

If you are a busy mom, take it from me, and this book, kids know what you need.

But, don't be discouraged if they haven't quite figured it out yet…we get our needs met better when we ask for what we want…so don't be afraid to tell them. I know for some moms that's sometimes tough, but your kids care, so speak up.

Are you a teacher, homeschooler or fellow mom looking for more books on Mother's Day? Check them out here, then go to the library and see if they have them and more! Local libraries are the quickest, most fun and economical way to get educated!

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