Fun Friday: Need A Mom's Day Card?

Do you know what Iambic Poetry is? Click here to find out.
My friend and colleague has a greeting card company and if you'd like to check her out, read on:

You must never forget
To honor your mother
On the 2nd Sunday in May
With a card like no other

Visit Deb’s web site
Or see her in person
So there’s no disappointment
And your Mom isn’t cursin’!

Cause with no card or flowers
Or a most perfect gift
What are you planning
To give her a lift?

Why not keep it simple
Sweet words mean so much
Iambicchick’s got the card
So your Mom’s heart, we’ll touch

From your office or home
Send someone a poem

She will even put the stamp on it for you and drop it in the mail! 
Deb even has such a gift, that people seek her cards for friends or family with cancer. 
She just has a way of making people feel touched and bring a smile to their face.

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