How to Discipline Kids Who Don't Care About Punishments

"Eight Year Old Boy Clenching His Fists" by David Castillo Dominici via

This is something I came across yesterday and thought that it was so very well written and well said (very educational for parents).

I came from a very strict background. Discipline must have been my father's middle name, because he was that typical case which is mentioned in this article, where he thought that punishing was the way to making me learn lessons and stay out of trouble.

While I write a lot about discipline, but this article is written in detail, much better than I could articulate what I do at home to get that balance, and it's using true examples of kids who behave even worse when it's discipline time.

I really think this is a worthy read no matter what your child type. Valuable knowledge goes a long way because as we all know, kids go through many different stages. Even if your kids are good today, or they respond positively to discipline, read this, you might just need it someday.

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