Many of us have already completed the Easter To-Do List, but if you haven't yet, or if you didn't plan on decorating eggs, here are some last minute fun and easy ideas for you and your family.

Art isn't just for kids you know... just because you might not have little ones (or don't want to make a mess) there are still plenty of simply artistic egg ideas for you!

17 Unique Egg Ideas Slide Show - find out how to do the chalkboard and ombre egg here!

Check out Apartment Therapy's Ideas - ummm, hello BEDAZZLED eggs!

Plaid, Kool-Aid & Muffin Pans OH MY!

Got Pinterest? Here is the mother load of decorated (and decorating with) eggs- endless ideas!

Want the best golden eggs on the block for your Easter Dinner? Ask Martha!

Enjoy your Easter Eve and Happy Decorating!!

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