Want A Simple Discipline Idea for an Uncooperative Tween?

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Discipline has to be the worst part of being a parent and when we do it, we don't always do it right.

I came from a home where my father was the disciplinarian. When he punished me, he punished me good (or bad...depending upon who you asked). 

I didn't get a day, week or weekend...I got a month. As I've mentioned in previous posts, I still did not learn the lessons he was trying to drive home. Had he done something other than yank all privileges, I might have had something to learn.

Recently, my middle child had another bought with an attitude problem. She gave her sister a bit of an attitude when asked to help out with the laundry. The punishment ended up that she would have to do two weeks of cleaning the bathroom and doing the children's laundry (all 3 of them- all by herself).

She lugged and toiled over it all weekend (two full flights of stairs- at least 8 loads) and now realizes that when we are asking her to sacrifice ten or fifteen minutes to help the family out, it really isn't such a big deal.

Not every act of disobedience needs to be met with a lashing or a prison sentence. Sometimes it's just as easy as adding an extra chore, even if it's temporary, it's a lesson (understand the little bit we ask for and  appreciate all that is already done for you).

One of my favorite punishments?? Making the younger ones become servants to the older one for a day  after they've sassed her back or misbehave while she is babysitting them. 

It makes them really regret their behavior
 because teens, as we know, can be high maintenance. 

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