Fame, Fortune and Celebrity Babies: Who Cares?

Photo credits: "Red Carpet" by Salvatore Vuono via Freedigitalphotos.net
I don't often read a tabloid, but when I do, my first and only choice is People magazine. For years I've thought there's actually more stories I care to read about in there and more of them are true, than any other. People magazine also offers stories of people you don't know, but learn about while reading their ordeal. Like the story of Boston Marathon bombing victim Rebekah Gregory and her family who weren't sure she'd walk down the aisle.

During spring break, I was actually very blessed to be able to find some time to relax, so I was excited to spend a little time reading the most current issue of People Magazine at the time.

I don't really care about who's dating who, who's having who's baby or who is gaining or losing weight so I tend to skip over first five to ten pages since it's all about celebs digs, dating dirt and faux pas.
So, aside from the Duggar Family Story of  Jill who is now engaged, and Princess Diana's grandson, my favorite article was a very short one on page 30 about Jessica Alba in "Why I Care"- personal stories about giving back.

Did you know:

She was a child who saw a lot of illness
She was inspired by her parents struggle of raising children to cofound The Honest Company
She volunteered in March with a charity called Baby2Baby which donates essentials to L.A. families

Who says that having money is a bad thing? Some people use their fame and fortune to give back.

What would you do with extra money if you had it? What about a million dollars?
Could you find a cause to give it to? Would you spend more time helping people in the community if you didn't have to work?

Every child has a giving heart. Have this type of conversation with your children. You can learn a lot about them by finding out what charities they are interested in and what touches them.

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