Abuse: No One Is Immune

Has someone you know been abused?

Your neighbor, co-worker, or fellow church goer?

Chances are the answer is "yes".
Chances are even higher they haven't told you.

I've been abused…

Have you?

In a society addicted to things that are attractive and appear to be put together and normal- our America likes making things look good, acceptable and…pretty.

Disney Princesses…

They are the epitome of a young girl's dreams and, as the artist admits, are depicted as the women who have it all- then live happily ever after.

I'm not a fan. 

But I am a fan of this campaign…

Look at it. It's ugly…

But sadly, sometimes life and the truth are too.

This campaign helps send a message:

That once a victim emerges from the fog of their abuse, and think they might have the strength to want to get out,  IT'S POSSIBLE- no matter how long you've been with your abuser- people will believe you, and they will help you.

If you still can't stand these images, or the messages they bring, then you might be living in a Pollyanna world, or you'd likely rather shield yourself and your children from the big bad truth.


Don't let kids see the bad; it will depress them, rob them of hope, keep them from dreaming.

There are some not-so-nice people out there and no one is immune.

Why would we want to hide that from them?

I used to be that parent…

Let me tell you first hand that when children see, when they really know, and when they watch you walk away, they are educated and strong (and will applaud you, and even thank you).

The best thing we can do for our children is teach them what's not okay and hopefully we might never see them get into a situation...

But if they do, we want them to know they don't have to stay there.

Your job as a parent of an adult child in an abusive situation?
Be available: without judgement or opinion (this fosters their ability to come to you).

There are plenty of people out there who don't believe in divorce; they don't like it, they think it ruins families, they say it puts single mothers (or fathers) in poverty and kids' self-esteem in the toilet…


I don't buy it.

Sure, if you divorce the 'wrong-way' (and there is a wrong way) you can indeed screw up your kids. But if you don't leave, it's possible that you'll still be hurting them…and it's also possible your child could end up abused themselves thinking that what you go through is 'normal'.

Which is worse?

If you need guidance, call 211 for information and helpful resources.

And don't believe the other myth: 
All abuse is visible

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