Summer Down-Time Can Mean Trouble for Kids (Column Related)

Summer can bring a ton of down time for kids, and not all parents can stay home to supervise.
Because of this, many children are left to their own devices and are roaming free for the season.

I remember being about 11 or 12 years old. Back then I thought I had quite a bit of freedom to do as I pleased. My dad was a single parent, and he owned some rental property in addition to working 5 days a week second shift. He was a busy guy. When I wasn't helping him, I had a pretty big window of time and I spent most of it roaming around the neighborhoods with friends and hanging out at their houses. There were some good points and some not so good points to that freedom.

Life is all about balance. Kids need guidance, but they also need a healthy amount of freedom. If you're wondering how to help your tweens and teens make good decisions this summer when you are not around to influence them-read my July News-Herald County Kids Column. It will help you take action right away if you need to (or assist in laying some ground work for your up and coming independents).

Obviously, spending time with your children is the absolute best thing for your kids, 
but no matter what, there will be those instances when they will be away from you- 
It's then that they need solid decision making ability- and the reasons to make the right ones.

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