How Many Things Can You Do With A Library Card?


How much can you do with a library card? 

Let me count the ways…

1. Read awesome books for FREE! (if you don't like them you have not wasted your money or have to
    find some place to put them or rid yourself of them)

2. Save money by NOT subscribing to magazines, but borrow them from the library instead!

3. Read the newspaper for FREE! (Plus no leftover papers and clutter.)

4. Borrow and watch movies for FREE! Find your favorite old titles as well!

5. Use the internet and computers FOR FREE! (Save money on having internet at home)

6. Get personalized assistance from staff who love to read, know their stuff and are excited to help!

7. Borrow books on your device FREE!

8. Take FREE classes on anything from computer lessons, Excel, gardening, budgeting and more. The
    library classes calendars are different at most locations and rotate every month with new class types!

9. Kids get educated FREE! There are a number of fun AND educational classes for kids every month!

10. There's more… just check out your local library today!

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